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The Bikefit Physio - John Phelan

Today I went for a professional bike fit for my new Giant Propel with The Bikefit Physio aka John Phelan, it's the first time I have gone for a scientific analysis of my posture/techniques and where to improve, I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to step up their game on the bike either for comfort, efficiency or to become faster/aerodynamic, John explained everything before and after my fit, super nice guy who has serious knowledge about anything biking and physiotherapy 😎 I have noticed massive improvements already on my times/efforts on the various cycle routes and I am breaking PRs all over the place in comparsion to my old bike the Giant Defy.

So if you need any further info here is Johns email address and link to his website 





Quest 24 hour 248km Endurance Race Aug 31st 2019

Hi gang how are you all and I hope the summer is treating you well. I am starting to up the training schedule for Quest 24 at the end of August. The miles are really beginning to add up between cycling and trail/road running. I have run up and down Carrauntohill a few times over the past few weeks and I intend to do it 2 more times before the race as it is part of the course, for those who do not know Carrauntohill is Irelands highest peak at 1038m high, it is easily acessible however it is still a gruelling workout.

This race is going to be quite a test of sheer determination, will power and of course the physical aspect of it. It will be a small bit easier as I will be doing it with my younger brother Ryan, he has also been training hard for it although he is in the UK he is still readying himself for it by taking part in various triathlons but he has Ironman Bolton next week so he is currently getting himself ready for that, I of course exspect him to smash the course and then he can focus on Quest 24.

The link to the Quest 24 route is below for anyone who wants to have a look -






Top of Irelands highest mountain June 2019

View from the top of Devils Laddder en route up Carrauntohill June 2019

Cork City Marathon June 2019

Cork City Marathon is one of my favourite marathons as its my own home marathon so obviously I will be abit bias. The weather was perfect for the marathon for the some 8500 or so athletes who took part in the various distances in relay, half or full.

It was the first marathon where I did not put myself under pressure for a specific finishing time as I was sick for a few weeks leading up to the event. I had a nasty lung infection which answered alot of questions to why I felt so tired all the time and I put it down to over training but alas I went to doctor and he gave me antibiotics that cleared it right up.

The race itself was fantastic as always with immense support along the whole route with people handing out drinks, sweets and so forth and people with garden hoses to cool any runners that needed it, I needed it alot! It creates such an atmosphere around the City which is fantastic.

I finished the marathon in 3 hours 48 mins and I solely went by my heart beat and not by timing the miles on my watch, if my heart went to high I would slow down and if it went to low I would speed up, it was great as I did not stop once for the whole race and when I finished I still had plent left in the tank, I will certainly race by BPM again in future.

All in all I think it was my 11th Cork City marathon and I have lost count of how many marathons in general I have actually taken part in now biggrin

Great day and organisation by all the parties involved but most of all the supporters along the route, without them alot of people would struggle as the moral support really does help when it is needed. Roll on next year once again.

Another medal for the medal rack.

Races I am taking part in for 2019 season.

March - Quest Kenmare 72km Expert Route

April - Quest Glendalough 57km Expert Route

May - Hardman Marathon Killarney

June - Cork City Marathon

July - Hills of Harbour Triathlon

July - Hardman Waterville Triathlon (Half Ironman Distance)

July - King of Kinsale Triathlon

August - Blackwater Triathlon

August - Jailbreak Triathlon Cobh

August - Quest 24 hour Endurance Race 248km Expert Distance (The longest race I have entered to date)

September - Dingle Marathon (7 days after Quest 24 hour race so I am hoping the legs will be ok)

October - Quest Killarney 83km Expert Distance


Training is well under way for getting myself ready for the races above. It has been a long winter and I am looking forward to getting back outdoors on the bike when the mornings are a bit brighter. In the meantime I have been getting bike time in Mardyke Arena and turbo training however in my opinion it is nothing like getting time on the bike outdoors where you have different elements to deal with like weather, terrain and so forth.


On top of Carrauntohill June 2018

Gerry Farrell's training blog for Quest 24 hour 250km Race , Aug 2019 - A record of what it takes to become an endurance athlete.

Quest Glendalough 57km Expert Route.

Hey guys and girls, how are you all? Over the coming weeks and months I will be writing when I have time about all my training routines, my diet and other bits and pieces so you can get a feel for what it takes to become and train to enter an Ironman race or for that matter any race, Any one who wants to better themselves in any shape or form has my utmost respect.

So keep an eye out for my updates in my blog and if you have any suggestions/ideas that may be useful towards my training I would be very grateful ~ you can write a message in the comment box at the end of this page.

If you click the blog tab at the top of this page it will lead you to my weekly/daily items that I will update as frequently as possible.


Some of the races/competitions I have taken part in

War Wicklow done and dusted 2014

Clonakilty Marathon 8/12/18 Full distance 26.2miles

Dingle Marathon 1/9/2018 Full distance 26.2 miles

Cork City Mrarthon 3/6/2018 Full distance 26.2 miles

Quest Kenmare 67km Expert Distance March 2018

Quest Killarney 83km Expert Distance 7/10/17

Quest Glendalough April 2017 55km

Quest Killarney March 2017 55km 

Cork City Marathon 2006/2007/2008/2010/2011/2012/2013/2015

Dublin Marathon 2013 - Special marathon for me as I ran it with my younger brother  who I did not even know existed until April of that year.

Dingle Marathon 2015/2016

South West Endurance Race Cork

Run the Gauntlet  Co.Kerry 13.1 mile half marathon through the Gap of Dunloe x 3

WAR race series Co. Wicklow 72km 

Quest Killarney ( 6 time participant) 55km and 75km

Quest Achill (1 time participant) 63km 

Quest Glendalough (3 time participant) 57km

Dingle Adventure Race

Waterford Marathon

Various Triathlons  around the country

The list above are just some of the races I have taken part in.

Marathon personal best time is 3 hrs and 14 minutes

Half Marathon personal best is 1 hr 27 minutes




Some info about me -

Was a very wet and windy tough race.

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by my website/blog. I am an Irish/Mexican athlete from Cork. I have taken part in over 60  or so various races, ranging from marathons, adventure races, triathlons and trail/mountain runs and so forth. I took up running around 15 years ago. Ever since I have always liked to stay active and fit, a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

I also love extreme mountain biking, muay thai and I love watching formula 1 , moto gp and football, I love all sports to be perfectly honest.

I have never taken anything for granted and I am very grateful that I am able to run, cycle, swim, trail run and pretty much do anything that I put my mind to, for that I am very thankful as alot of people are not in a position to do so whether its due to a physical or medical condition that they may have.

Count your blessings if you are healthy and fit & can put one foot in front of the other.

Quest Killarney 72km distance 1/10/16

This is my favourite Quest Race in its 4 part annual series. This is the toughest race of the 4 as you have to climb/run up Mangerton after already running up Strikeen, cycling through the beautiful Black Valley and Gap of Dunloe. Once you reach the top at Devils punchbowl its a quick dib in for your time and a quick look at amazing views of Kerry and then the super quick descent of mountain and onto the bike again for the cycle to finish line in Gleneagle Hotel.

For the past few years I have finished in the top ten percent out of 2500 various athletes.

Quest Glendalough April 2017

Race numbers

Only recently started keeping my race bibs, should have started a long time ago.

This finish line awaits me in 2018

Hamburg Ironman July 2018

14 mile mark of Cork City marathon 2015

A very wet and windy marathon that year.

With kind regards

Gerry Farrell